Esaom Cesa is one of the Mediterranean’s biggest yards: 200,000 m2, of which 80,000 are equipped, 3,000 m2 of sheds up to 27 metres high for indoor storage, plus buildings of another 6,000 m2, including 2500 of workshop, 4 travel lifts (the largest with capacity 880 tonnes), truck-mounted cranes and a hydraulic trailer.

A specialist workforce and the experience acquired in more than 70 years in the business enable Esaom Cesa to offer maintenance, rebuilding and refitting services on craft up to 40 metres in length, which can also be housed indoors.
The Yard is also an authorised service centre for the top marine engine brands, as well as for some of the most prestigious yachting brands.










The facility’s logistical and environmental conditions are ideal for even the biggest, most complex refitting job. Over the years dozens of large motor and sailing yachts have spent long periods in the Yard for major renovation work.

The highly skilled staff provide services of the highest quality:

  • Teak deck rebuilding
  • Engine overhaul
  • Total craft renovation
  • Rigging

On-site services

  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Metal structural works
  • Processing lathe
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Parts and materials store
  • Inboard engine workshop with 500 hp test stand with brake
  • Engine Removal / Installation
  • Engine Room Refitting
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Osmosis prevention treatment (Gelshield International Service Centre)
  • Awlgrip painting
  • Rigging
  • Boat Cleaning

Authorised Service Centre

Dry Storage

We have large outdoor areas (80,000 m2) and indoor spaces (9,000 m2) for dry storage, seasonal maintenance or lengthy periods out of the water.

Each area is well covered by water and electricity supply points.
There are also specific areas with pit to accommodate the keel bulbs/drop keels of large sailing boats, allowing them to be kept at a reasonable height above the ground.

Services for crews

While work is ongoing, Skippers and crews are taken care of by specific staff, who ensure that all the needs of individual crew members are met.

We are able to arrange apartments, hotels, restaurants, car hire and ferry, railway and plane bookings.
Helicopter transport can also be arranged in urgent circumstances.
The Molo G restaurant serves breakfasts, aperitifs, lunches and dinners.
On special occasions, crew parties can also be organised at the locations of external partners.

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